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This listing is for these non-game related items. All items are shipped via USPS. TITLE : BLU-RAY CAPSULE with ACE OF SPADES and original art. This is an original drawing by artist Monty C. I have to re-draw this when I get new money but this is the old one. DELLA GALE (Nexus 2) has a sort of "Faith" kind of look in her eyes that represents her view on life or something. And the colors that I'm using now (back in the year 2000) are more dark and the light is more orange. They are more synthetic colors. This is only about a quarter of the image so you can see the finer detail of the drawing. I have seen the rough color version with the colors that I'm using now and they are more yellowish. I'm still waiting for the new laptop to fix the resolution so I can edit some things. I need the resolution so I can get the sharpness up. The resolution isn't too bad for the rough color version but once I get the pencil version, the detail will come back. THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. I WANT IT THIS WAY. Also, I'd like to post a video of the drawing process. I'm not a good artist. If I was I would be a big celeb already. PRICE: $150.00 NOTE: These items are items that I collected from the time I was a kid. I feel that they are valuable items that I collected when I was young but I was a kid so I don't know how much they are really worth. I used them and have no intention to keep them unless it's a must. They have sentimental value to me. 2) CARTOUCHESThis is a piece of art that I have made with some biohazard spray paint. I cut out a picture of an oldie but goodie with a tinted look. As I was a kid, I liked oldies but goodies. Oldies are out of fashion now so I'm trying to use the oldies to make new things and they're good at it. I put a piece of clear plastic around the cut out picture so the light can shine through it. It's for a themed art event in a nearby school. If you can't see the picture, I'm sorry. I'll get the picture ready for your viewing. PRICE: $40




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Black Ops 1 Pc Free Download Full 12 [Latest]
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